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Monster Megapixels. The Canon 5DS has arrived.

This post is more of a gear post than showing off lovely images from a wedding, engagement or family session.

Canon has released it’s mega pixel monsters, the canon 5DS and the 5DS R.  There are some differences in the two cameras, and I will be writing about those soon.

I did manage to get a 5DS, and wanted to share with an image with you as well as a 100% crop just to show you what this camera can do.  I took the camera to two weddings this weekend, and it definitely does has it’s place at weddings, but you have to be smart about it as these files are HUGE and the space they take adds up quickly.

Here is the image (these images have some small editing applied):

and here is the 100% crop! Look at how sharp those eyes are, how much detail is in the hair of the bride.

Click here to see a 100% crop!