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I saw your mom comment on the facebook galleries and realized I never sent your info to you, I apologize. Also you photo dvd’s will be in the mail this week.

Your online galleries can be found here:


You can share this gallery with family and friends as well. If anyone
would like to order prints, they can save an additional 50% by using code
“save50” at checkout.

In your package you have the following left:

• $750 Print Credit
• 20 x 30 Canvas Wrap
• 2 – 16 x 20 wrapped Canvas
• 3 – 8 x 10 Hardback Coffee table style book (26 pages)
• 1 – 8 x 10 Leather Flush-mount album (28 pages)

The print credit can be used towards upgrading your album, cover upgrade,
additional albums, canvas upgrade, additional canvas or prints. The print
credit does not expire and you do not have to use it all at once. It can
be split up to be used towards multiple things. A portion of the value of
the canvas can be used towards print credit as well if you would not want
the canvas.

If you want to use any portion of your print credit towards prints, just
let me know and I will generate a code.

I have generated a gallery where you can start picking out photos for your
album, it can be found here:


You will see your three galleries as your online gallery. In each gallery
under each photo is a heart, simply check the heart of the ones you would
like in the album. I suggest 50-100, but some brides do a little more.
The more you put in, the smaller the overall size of the photos will be

It may be a good idea to come in and talk about what to use the print
credit for and see the album options.

You also have three other albums as well, let me know who those are for and I will set up links for them to pick out their photos.

So things we need to plan:

A)Come in and look at album options and discuss print credit
B)Let me know who else is getting an album so I can generate links for them to pick out photos
C) Pick out photos for canvas wraps (let me know the image names)

One other thing I have decided to do for your package is to allow you, family and friends to download the photos. I have attached a release if they need it. To download the photos just click the following links and a zip file w/ each set will download to your computer:

Katie & Mike Color Wedding Photos.

Part #1: album-50058688-downloads-pt1.zip: http://www.holzphotoclient.com/downloads/4d68235c0b981c5002fd/3468930 (1.11 GB)

Part #2: album-50058688-downloads-pt2.zip: http://www.holzphotoclient.com/downloads/4d68235c0b981c5002fd/3468931 (1.03 GB)

Part #3: album-50058688-downloads-pt3.zip: http://www.holzphotoclient.com/downloads/4d68235c0b981c5002fd/3468932 (1.01 GB)

Katie & Mike B/W Wedding Photos.

Part #1: album-50061466-downloads-pt1.zip: http://www.holzphotoclient.com/downloads/22fcfa8697146c0ec42e/3468949 (1.17 GB)

Part #2: album-50061466-downloads-pt2.zip: http://www.holzphotoclient.com/downloads/22fcfa8697146c0ec42e/3468950 (1.04 GB)

Katie & Mike Creative Wedding Photos.

Part #1: album-50076743-downloads-pt1.zip: http://www.holzphotoclient.com/downloads/1c322cc58434e38bfc95/3468947 (1.36 GB)

Part #2: album-50076743-downloads-pt2.zip: http://www.holzphotoclient.com/downloads/1c322cc58434e38bfc95/3468948 (1.13 GB)

And I think that is it, let me know if you have any questions and when you guys want to come in.